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Copeia documents the role of UMMZ in it's production.


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An article by Joseph C. Mitchell and David G. Smith in the most recent issue of Copeia describes some of the history of the journal and how Ruthven and the UMMZ were involved.

From the concluding paragraph:

All of the principal officers of ASIH, except for the President and editors of Copeia, were now located in Ann Arbor or nearby: Past-President (Ruthven), Secretary (Hubbs), Treasurer (Hankinson, in Ypsilanti, 5 miles east of Ann Arbor), ichthyological editor (Hubbs), and herpetological editor (Gaige). Criticism of Copeia by Ruthven and others in 1928–1929 and Dunn’s need to be in the tropics and Europe for extended periods during that time set the stage for a complete academic coup. The center of gravity of ASIH and its journal, Copeia, had moved from the East Coast—where it had been located for 17 years—to America’s heartland.