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Five million Museum of Zoology specimens find new home


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Watch the video about the “epic move” of some five million museum specimens stored in ethanol featuring an interview with Professor Diarmaid Ó Foighil, museum curator and director.

According to Ó Foighil, highlights of the collection include freshwater fishes, and an amphibian and reptile collections that is “easily one of the best in the world.” Greg Schneider, collections manager for the Amphibian and Reptile Division, shows a goliath frog from Cameroon, the smallest dwarf chameleon, and an Indian cobra with hood spread. Doug Nelson, collections manager of the Fish Division, is also in the video. Ó Foighil discusses the advantages of moving the collection from the Ruthven Museums Building on central campus to a new off-campus storage facility on Varsity Drive adjoining the U-M Herbarium in Ann Arbor. The video was produced by Mandira Banerjee and Jim Erickson of the U-M News Service.