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Three liquid nitrogen freezers chill at UMMZ

Three large capacity freezers for tissue storage have been added to the museum's facilities. Funded by Priscilla Tucker's $178,000 Collections Improvement Grant from the National Science Foundation, the freezers will be used to store tissue samples. An open house will be held during Friday coffee hour on Dec. 9

12/9/2011 |  (more)

Peregrin Falcon hatchlings at the University of Michigan

As reported by U-M's Record Update "The first known peregrine falcon chicks to hatch at U-M are growing in a nest box that was set up last summer on a roof at University Hospital." (more)

10/15/2011 |  (more)

We are moving into a new collections facility!

At left Doug Nelson & Taehwan Lee are inspecting the assembly of the new ethanol collection shelving in the Varsity Drive facility. The move will commence in December 2011.

12/5/2011 |  (more)

Environment Report tours Museum of Zoology fish collection

Listen in as Professor and Curator Bill Fink leads a guided tour through the Museum of Zoology’s fish collection on Michigan Radio’s “The Environment Report.”

9/14/2011 |  (more)

Jeremy Wright's article on cover of Evolution

Jeremy Wright's article "Conservative coevolution of mullerian mimicry in a group of rift lake catfish" has made the cover. Congratulations!

8/2/2011 |  (more)

Huang awarded Tinkle Scholarship

EEB graduate student Huateng Huang will receive the Donald W. Tinkle Scholarship from U-M Museum of Zoology. This $5,000 award is a special recognition of her research excellence. Huang’s research investigates the underlying genetic mechanism of speciation.  

6/30/2011 |  (more)

The fluid collection is moving

A new fluid facility is being constructed off campus. A section of the Museum is also being renovated for fluids needed for classes. Jars have been inventoried and tagged. Each jar will be assigned to its proper location on a shelf in the new facility.

2/12/2012 |  (more)


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