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Unique Pacific mollusc collection donated to UMMZ

Vern Carroll, the late University of Michigan professor emeritus of anthropology, donated thousands of mollusc shells to the U-M Museum of Zoology Mollusc Division, shortly before his death in 2013.

8/18/2014 |  (more)

EEB 433 students learn bird biology inside and out

Students taking Ornithology (EEB 433) learn their birds inside and out. Literally. Throughout the course, the students identify birds in the field by sight and by sound. But they also examine birds up close. Way up close.

7/28/2014 |  (more)

Baiz awarded Genetics Training Program Fellowship

EEB graduate student, Marcella Baiz, has been awarded the prestigious Michigan Predoctoral Training in Genetics Program Fellowship for the 2014 - 2015 academic year

7/24/2014 |  (more)

Check out Insect Week!

From June 23rd to the 30th Charlie Engelman, umich student video producer, will be coming out with a daily short insect video filmed in the insect collections room with Mark O’Brien.

6/23/2014 |  (more)

UMMZ Specimens Featured in "Wild India"

The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History just concluded its exhibit, "Wild India", as part of the India in the World LSA Theme Semester.  The "Wild India" exhibit featured 36 research specimens from other University of Michigan museums, most of which come from the UMMZ collections.

3/15/2014 |  (more)

Title’s awards trifecta

EEB graduate student Pascal Title hit a triple with the following awards over the past year: Society for the Study of Evolution Rosemary Grant award ($2500), Herpetologists' League E.E. Williams Research Grant ($1000), Society of Systematic Biologists graduate research award ($1500).

5/30/2014 |  (more)

Collecting biological specimens essential to science and conservation

Collecting plant and animal specimens is essential for scientific studies and conservation and does not, as some critics of the practice have suggested, play a significant role in species extinctions.

Those are the conclusions of more than 100 biologists and biodiversity researchers who signed a letter to the journal Science published online May 22.

5/22/2014 |  (more)

Qixin He receives Donald W. Tinkle scholarship award

This is the UMMZ's most prestigious scholarship, given this year to Qixin He for her innovative research on the evolutionary genetics of the African mosquito Anopheles gambiae

5/10/2014 |  (more)

Rabosky wins IBS MacArthur & Wilson Award

Professor Dan Rabosky has been awarded the MacArthur & Wilson Award from The International Biogeographical Society.

5/7/2014 |  (more)

UMMZ Herpetological Collection Joins VertNet

The UMMZ Division of Herpetology is pleased to announce the addition of our collection data to VertNet, an NSF-funded collaborative project uniting hundreds of museum collections around the world to make biodiversity data free and available on the web through a single online search portal.

4/18/2014 |  (more)


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