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Sallan Paleocast podcast now online

EEB Michigan Fellow Lauren Sallan was recently interviewed about the early record of vertebrates, especially fishes, by Palaeocast, an online radio show.

11/2/2012 |  (more)

Annual ID Day at Ruthven Museum!

On October 7th museum visitors were treated to the expertise of graduate students, collection managers and curators who volunteered to identify and describe biological specimens.

10/10/2012 |  (more)

George Reserve collections donated to UMMZ provide portal through time

Nearly a quarter million ecological specimens collected from 38 ponds at the E.S. George Reserve between 1996 and 2012 have been donated to the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology collections.

10/5/2012 |  (more)

Joseph Beal Steere featured in Michigan Today

steere Accomplished collector and U-M Museum of Zoology professor Joseph B. Steere is featured in Michigan Today. Curator of the Museum from 1876 to 1894 Steere added thousands of specimens (many undescribed) from his explorations in the Amazon, Peru, Malacca, Formosa, Celebes, and the Philippines.

9/15/2012 |  (more)

Congratulations to Murrell, EEB administrative specialist at Ruthven

Robbin Murrell was promoted to the new administrative specialist position for the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in the Ruthven Museums August 1, 2012.

8/7/2012 |  (more)

Rabosky wins Dobzhansky Prize from SSE

Incoming assistant professor and curator Dan Rabosky was awarded the 2012 Theodosius Dobzhansky Prize by the Society for the Study of Evolution.

8/5/2012 |  (more)

NSF Grant: Georeferencing U.S. Fish Collections

The Fish Division just received a grant, in collaboration with several other institutions, to georeference our catalogue data.

7/29/2012 |  (more)

Five million Museum of Zoology specimens find new home

Watch the video about the “epic move” of some five million museum specimens stored in ethanol featuring an interview with Professor Diarmaid Ó Foighil, museum curator and director.

7/28/2012 |  (more)

UMMZ is a direct content provider to Encyclopedia of Life

The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology’s bee mite website recently became a direct content provider for the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL).

7/18/2012 |  (more)

ScienceNews article includes Myers’ research

A ScienceNews article called "Animals on the move" includes the research of Professor Phil Myers on how a warming climate means shifting ranges and mixed-up relationships for many species.

7/18/2012 |  (more)


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