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Visiting Researchers at UMMZ

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Freshwater Mussels of Texas

Charles Randklev

Texas Water Resources Institute, Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources

From: 11/9/2015 To: 11/11/2015

CMU Graduate Student Studying Freshwater Mussels

Mariah Scott

Department of Biology, Central Michigan University

From: 10/21/2015 To: 10/21/2015

Florida Gators invade UMMZ

Dr. Lawrence Page, Dr. Patrick Ciccotto, Mr. David Boyd

Florida Museum of Natural History; Univ. of North Carolina

From: 9/22/2015 To: 9/25/2015

Taxonomic revision of the snake tribe Dipsadini

Paola Sanchez

Paola Sanchez takes snake specimens data at the Biodiversity Research Center on Varsity Drive for her dissertation research.

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

From: 9/21/2015 To: 10/4/2015

Study of sphenomorphine skinks of Papua New Guinea

Dr. Glenn Shea

Dr. Glenn Shea from University of Sydney studying sphenomorphine skinks of Papua New Guinea

University of Sydney

From: 7/20/2015 To: 7/20/2015

Malacologist Visiting Mollusk Collection and Library

Alan Kabat

Independent malacologist from Washington DC

From: 7/13/2015 To: 7/13/2015

Research on crow species

Jennifer Campbell-Smith

Jennifer is studying differences in bill size and shape in various crow species.

Binghamton University, Education Curator

From: 7/9/2015 To: 7/9/2015

Graduate students use bird specimens to track 130 years of environmental pollution.

Shane Dubay, Carl Fuldner

Graduate students document soot on bird skins from the last century and a half.

University of Chicago and Field Museum of Natural History

From: 7/9/2015 To: 7/10/2015

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