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Visiting Researchers at UMMZ

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Sooglossid frog population comparisons

Jim Labisko

comparative studies of the newly discovered Sooglossus population on Praslin Island

University of Kent

From: 7/21/2014 To: 7/30/2014

undergraduate McNair Scholar

Ms. Cierra Labelle

Morphological varation in yellow perch, Perca flavescens.

From: 7/18/2014 To: 7/18/2014

Red Backs & Lead Backs Revisited

Cameron Eddy,Greg Kronisch, Jennifer Nelson

John Carroll University

From: 7/16/2014 To: 7/16/2014

Graduate student

Mr. Keenan Morrison

Reproductive modes and evolutionary diversification in cyprinodontiform fishes. 

University of California Riverside

From: 7/9/2014 To: 7/16/2014

Investigating intergrade flickers

Julie Craves

Julie Craves examining northern flicker specimens for  aberrant plumage. 

Rouge River Bird Observatory, University of Michigan- Dearborn

From: 6/24/2014 To: 6/24/2014

Monitor Lizard Morphometrics

Dr. Domenic D'Amore

Daemen College

From: 6/10/2014 To: 6/12/2014

Visiting student from Brazil studies geographic variation and speciation in Black-throated Trogon

Jeremy Dickens

Jeremy Dickens is studying color variation and measurements in this widespread Trogon species. He is interested in determining whether it should be split into more than one species.

Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de São Paulo

From: 5/14/2014 To: 5/31/2014

Dr. Mark Wilkinson visits UMMZ to work in world class caecilian collection

Dr. Mark Wilkinson

Natural History Museum (British Museum)

From: 5/6/2014 To: 4/13/2014

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