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Visiting Researchers at UMMZ

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Lake Superior Basin Amphibian and Reptile Distributions

Tom Anton, Gary Casper,

Tom Anton (left) and Gary Casper (right) confirm museum specimen identifications and collection data for each Museum Record from the Lake Superior Basin.












Milwaukee Public Museum, Field Museum

From: 3/25/2014 To: 3/26/2014

Researcher from MSU visits bird collection

Dr. Pamela Rasmussen

Dr. Pamela Rasmussen has been working with our collection of Indian birds for many years.

Michigan State University Museum

From: 3/21/2014 To: 3/21/2014

Art student visits Mollusk Division

Sarah Sturm

UM School of Art and Design

From: 3/6/2014 To: 3/6/2014

Visiting Student Leverages 3D Technology in Morphological Study

Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor, an undergraduate from Ohio Northern University, uses 3D technology to study carnivore skulls.

Ohio Northern University

From: 3/4/2014 To: 3/5/2014

Pre-Dental Students Examine Mammal Specimens

Austin Stebbins, Peter Rick, and Aaron Dalman

UM Undergraduates, Austin Stebbins (left), Peter Rick (center), and Aaron Dalman (right), have spent most of this semester measuring mammal species, amassing a dataset for nearly 240 species.

University of Michigan

From: 2/28/2014 To: 2/28/2014

Art student photographs specimens

Ryan Reiss

Art student photographing a bird of paradise for a project

UM School of Art and Design

From: 2/21/2014 To: 2/21/2014

SNRE Art and Environment drawing event

Art and Environment Workshop

The SNRE Art Club members sketching bird specimens for the drawing event. 

University of Michigan

From: 2/18/2014 To: 2/18/2014

University of Windsor students study bird specimens

Alana Demko, Pierre-Paul Bitton, Brendan Graham

3 graduate students visit the collection to measure and photograph birds for their research

University of Windsor

From: 2/12/2014 To: 2/12/2014

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