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Visiting Researchers at UMMZ

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Art student photographs specimens

Ryan Reiss

Art student photographing a bird of paradise for a project

UM School of Art and Design

From: 2/21/2014 To: 2/21/2014

SNRE Art and Environment drawing event

Art and Environment Workshop

The SNRE Art Club members sketching bird specimens for the drawing event. 

University of Michigan

From: 2/18/2014 To: 2/18/2014

University of Windsor students study bird specimens

Alana Demko, Pierre-Paul Bitton, Brendan Graham

3 graduate students visit the collection to measure and photograph birds for their research

University of Windsor

From: 2/12/2014 To: 2/12/2014

Determining the Functionality & Origin of Mandibular Features in Sloths

Dr. Robert McAfee & Natalie Nunner

Ohio Northern researchers examine mandibular features of sloths and other basal mammals.

Ohio Northern University

From: 1/23/2014 To: 1/23/2014

Local artist uses bird specimens

Valerie Mann

Valerie Mann, a local Ann Arbor artist, makes use of the Bird Division research specimens in her artwork. Here she is painting a Barn Owl specimen.

From: 1/17/2014 To: 1/17/2014

Artist combines songs and colors of birds

Carol Hanna

Carol Hanna, Ann Arbor artist

From: 1/9/2014 To: 1/9/2014

Studying Gloger's Rule in bird populations

Jennifer Phillips

Graduate student Jennifer Phillips is investigating variation in bird coloration related to environmental conditions. She has photographed thousands of birds in our research collection.

University of California - Davis

From: 1/9/2014 To: 1/9/2014

Red-backs and Lead-backs

Cameron Eddy and Rhianna Hughs

Comparison of the frequency of the "lead backed" phase of the Red-backed Salamander, Plethodon cinereus, in Great Lakes Islands populations vs. mainland populations.

John Carroll University

From: 1/7/2014 To: 1/10/2014

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