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Visiting Researchers at UMMZ

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Artist combines songs and colors of birds

Carol Hanna

Carol Hanna, Ann Arbor artist

From: 1/9/2014 To: 1/9/2014

Red-backs and Lead-backs

Cameron Eddy and Rhianna Hughs

Comparison of the frequency of the "lead backed" phase of the Red-backed Salamander, Plethodon cinereus, in Great Lakes Islands populations vs. mainland populations.

John Carroll University

From: 1/7/2014 To: 1/10/2014

Adaptive radiation in diverse groups of fishes.

Sam Borstein

Functional morphology and adaptive radiation in diverse groups of fishes.

University of Tennessee

From: 12/23/2013 To:

Research on shrike species

Mary Margaret Ferraro

Mary Margaret Ferraro with some shrike study skins.

Cornell University

From: 12/20/2013 To: 12/20/2013

Researcher Studies Seasonal Morphological Variation in Mustelids

Dr. Scott LaPoint

Max Planck Institute postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Scott LaPoint, studies the seasonal morphological variation in mustelids.

Max Planck Institute for Ornithology

From: 12/18/2013 To: 12/20/2013

Texas Tech Student Examines Mammal Specimens

Howie Huynh

Texas Tech University PhD student, Howie Huynh, visited the Mammal Division to examine specimens from various mammal species.

Texas Tech University

From: 12/2/2013 To: 12/3/2013

EEB 440 (Biology of Fishes) class visits Varsity Drive

Biology of fishes class

The Fall 2013 Biology of Fishes class recently visited our fish wet (ethanol-preserved) collection at Varsity Drive.


From: 11/27/2013 To: 11/27/2013

Identifying bird bones from mid-19th century Philadelphia

Dr. Teagan Schweitzer

Dr. Teagan Schweitzer used the bird skeleton collection to identify bones from a site in early Philadelphia.

Department of Anthropology University of Pennsylvania

From: 11/26/2013 To: 11/26/2013

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