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Visiting Researchers at UMMZ

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Collecting chitrid fungus from Museum specimens

Anat Belasen

Anat Belasen, PhD graduate student working with Dr. Tim James in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, swabs the skin of amphibians including these Hellbender salamanders housed in the Museum collections at the Biodiversity Research Center at Varsity Drive, to collect chitrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidisfor genetic analysis.

University of Michigan, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

From: 9/10/2013 To: 9/12/2013

Walter Rainboth visiting from University of Wisconsin

Walter Rainboth

Author of Fishes of the Greater Mekong Ecosystem, Walter is visiting the fish division library.

University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

From: 8/23/2013 To: 8/23/2013

Ornithologist & author, David Brewer, visits from Ontario.

David Brewer

Canadian ornithologist examining references for a book he is writing about new bird species.

From: 8/19/2013 To: 8/22/2013

Ted Cavender & Ralph Stearly visit UMMZ Fish Library

Ted Cavender, Ralph Stearly

Ted Cavender and Ralph Stearly discussing fossil fishes in the UMMZ Fish Library

Ohio State University (Ted Cavender) and Calvin College (Ralph Stearly)

From: 8/16/2013 To: 8/16/2013

Postdoctoral Researcher Uses 3D Imaging of Ungulates

Dr. Aaron Wood

Florida Museum of Natural History Postdoctoral Researcher, Dr. Aaron Wood, uses 3D imaging to examine ungulate morpology.

Florida Museum of Natural History

From: 8/15/2013 To: 8/16/2013

Dragonflies are OK

Brenda Smith-Patten, Michael Patten

The world-class Odonata collection in the Insect Division provided new data from old specimens for researchers from the Oklahoma Biological Survey.

Oklahoma Biological Survey

From: 8/14/2013 To:

Ohio State Graduate Student Examines Bat Skulls

Sarah Gutzwiller

Ohio State PhD Student, Sarah Gutzwiller, examines skulls from various bat species.

Ohio State University

From: 8/7/2013 To: 8/7/2013

PhD Student from Michigan State Visits Mammal Division

Paige Howell

Michigan State PhD student, Paige Howell (right), photographs American marten (Martes americana) skulls from Michigan with the assistance of Suzanne LaCroix (left).

Michigan State University

From: 8/5/2013 To: 8/6/2013

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