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Visiting Researchers at UMMZ

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Univ. of Florida Student Visits Bird Collection

Kierstin Rosenbach

University of Florida undergraduate student visits bird collection

University of Florida

From: 5/15/2015 To: 5/15/2015

Freshwater Mussels of Arkansas

John Harris, Alan Christian


Arkansas State University and University of Massachusetts Boston

From: 4/27/2015 To: 5/1/2015

Albion College students visit Bird Collection

Tara Mahan, Carleigh McMahan

Albion College biology students are researching evolution in House Sparrows.

Albion College

From: 4/2/2015 To: 4/2/2015

postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Zachary Culumber

Drivers of evolutionary processes in the family Poeciliidae (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes).

Kansas State University

From: 2/23/2015 To: 2/27/2015

Developing Florida Mussel Database

Jim Williams, Jordan Holcomb, Matt Rowe

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

From: 2/1/2015 To: 2/7/2015

Making Science Visible-Art & Design Undergrad Class Visits Mollusk Collections

Professor Brad Smith and Art & Design Undergraduate Students

Tom Duda, Mollusk Curator, introducing mollusks to Art & Design students

Stamps School of Art & Design

From: 1/27/2015 To: 2/27/2015

Freshwater Mussel ID Workshop

Pete Badra

Freshwater Mussel ID Workshop led by Pete Badra

Michigan Natural Features Inventory, Michigan State University

From: 1/15/2015 To: 1/15/2015

Bill morphology of Red Crossbills

Cody K. Porter

Visiting graduate student is studying Red Crossbill bills in relation to adaptations to various pine cones.

University of Wyoming

From: 12/11/2014 To: 12/12/2014

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