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Katayoon  Sabet  : Fishes

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Student examines Oregon minnow species at Biodiversity Research Center.

The Fish Division of the UMMZ was pleased to host Katayoon Sabet at the Biodiversity Research Center on Varsity Drive on Tuesday, 15 April.  Andrea Thomaz, Fish Division curatorial assistant, assisted Ms. Sabet in examining and imaging specimens of an Oregon minnow species as part of an undergraduate class project.  Ms. Sabet explains below.

“As a project for my Biodiversity Research Seminar, I decided to do research on Oregonichthys (Oregon Chub). Oregon Chub is the first fish species that has been removed from the list of endangered species. The collection of Oregonichthys specimens [in the UMMZ] really helped me to gain a better understanding about the unique features of this species. In addition to the opportunity to observe the specimens, I was able to take photos of these specimens and share with my classmates. I really appreciate the support that I received from the staff in the UMMZ collection to collect information and pictures.”