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Ornithologist & author, David Brewer, visits from Ontario.

David Brewer


David Brewer, ornithologist, author, bird tour leader, and retired chemist examines articles in the Bird Division Library. He is writing a book for the Helm series about new bird species described since 1960.

This requires him to survey the ornithological literature over the past half century.

Much of this material is not available online or at the Royal Ontario Museum, where David is a Research Associate in Ornithology.  Fortunately, we have a world-class ornithological library at the UMMZ, due in part to us housing for >80 years the Wilson Society of Ornithology’s Josselyn Van Tyne Memorial Library (, comprising thousands of books and nearly 5000 ornithological journal volumes.  This represents a marvelous scholarly resource for ornithologists such as David and he has taken full advantage, photocopying hundreds of articles for his research.



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