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Accessions & Loan Policies

Acquisition policy.
The first priority is for specimens directly related to the research of curators and graduate students. Specimens that will increase the taxonomic, geographic, and temporal breadth of the collections are important. We are interested in specimens documenting occurrences of Michigan birds. The salvage of local birds is encouraged, and specimens are reported annually under the Bird Division's salvage permit. We maintain an active exchange program, and numerous exchanges are ongoing with North American and foreign institutions. An average of 500 specimens are added to the collection each year.

Loan Policy.
Specimens are made available for study to any qualified member of the scientific community and other interested persons. Loans are made only to scientists affiliated with an academic or research institution that will assume the responsibility for the care of the material during the tenure of the loan, and for its safe return. Loans are not made to students, only to permanent staff. Loans of types are not made. Our specimen database can be searched at Informal inquiries about specimen holdings can be made to the UMMZ Bird Division collection manager via email. Students are welcome to make these informal preliminary inquiries. Informal inquiries should be followed by a formal written grant request by the professor. When requesting a loan please provide a brief summary of the research with objectives of the project and its potential scientific value. Individuals wishing to examine large numbers of specimens or large specimens are encouraged to visit the museum. Specimens of a particular taxonomic group are not usually all loaned at once, both for safety's sake, and so that some may remain for reference. The Museum pays postage for the loan of the specimens to other institutions; it is understood that the recipient institution will take responsibility for return postage. Specimens are usually loaned for 6 months, but in general we do not ask for their return until the research is completed or unless another investigator requests them.

In compliance with the regulations of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service and CITES for sending and receiving specimens overseas, the Museum of Zoology has a CITES permit, Endangered/Threatened Species Import/Export Permit, Federal Migratory Bird Import/Export Permit, and Exception to Designated Port of Entry Permit. For non-U.S. researchers, loan requests should include a copy of any import permit required by the non-U.S. government. If no permit is needed, the researcher must state such in writing at the time that the request is submitted. Species listed only under CITES may be exported under a Certificate of Scientific Exchange if the receiving institution possesses such a certificate.

For loans of specimens, please contact the Museum's Director, Diarmaid Ó Foighil, (, or the Bird Division Collection Manager, Janet Hinshaw (, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1079 USA.

Genetic Materials Grant Policy.