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The Bird Division makes available to researchers and others information about specimens in the collection. Information is available through the Collection Manager and the Curators.

In recent years we have entered specimen data into a computer file with information on species identification, locality, sex, age, and date of collection. The data are maintained in a Specify database. The computerization project has been supported by the National Science Foundation. This project is still in progress. The holdings have been entered from the museum catalogues, but have not all been verified by comparing the identifications and label data with the catalogue information. The basic specimen information eventually will be available through the web. Data are already verified for the families Struthionidae, Rheidae, Casuariidae, Dromaiidae, Apterygidae, Tinamidae, Spheniscidae, Gaviidae, Podicipedidae, Diomedeidae, Procellariidae, Hydrobatidae, Pelecanoididae, Phaethontidae, Pelecanidae, Sulidae, Phalacrocoracidae, Anhingidae, Fregatidae, Ardeidae, Laridae, Cuculidae, Caprimulgidae, and Estrildidae. Proofreading is also underway for Brazil and the Philippines. Data are also proofread for any specimens that go out on loan. All other data should be considered preliminary.

Requests for information should be addressed to the Collection Manager or to a Curator. The collection manager and curators can examine specimens for information confirmation on request. Information can be provided in the form of a printout, on disk (ASCII, Excel, etc.), or as e-mail attachments (Please specify format). Janet Hinshaw (, Collection Manager.