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Birds :: Peregrine Falcons at the University of Michigan

The Peregrines nested again in the box provided on the roof of the University of Michigan Hospital. The four chicks were banded on 25 May 2012. Here are some photos of the adults and chicks.
Photos taken by Barb Baldinger.

We continue to collect bird remains at the base of the Bell Tower, as the adults still use the tower as a feeding and resting site. If you find something, please let us know.

The chicks have been featured in


DateFood Item
11-Jan mourning dove feather, pigeon carcass
2-Mar killdeer wing
7-Mar killdeer head
12-Mar meadowlark
13-Mar unidentified leg
16-Mar woodcock bill
19-Mar flicker head - male
20-Mar mourning dove feathers, woodcock bill & leg
21-Mar flicker feathers, mourning dove body, 2 woodcock wings
22-Mar flicker wing
23-Mar flicker legs
26-Mar woodcock wing
29-Mar woodcock head
30-Mar robin head
4-Apr meadolark head
12-Apr mourning dove feathers, foot
13-Apr mourning dove feathers
16-Apr mourning dove wing, hairy woodpecker wing
17-Apr woodcock bill
19-Apr sora rail- 3 wings
23-Apr sora rail
25-Apr horned grebe
11-May female northern oriole, black billed cuckoo, rose breasted grosbeak
16-May yellow-billed cuckoo
22-May least bittern


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photo taken in Alaska by David Mindell