Peregrine Falcons at the University of Michigan 2008

The birds seemed to be spending a lot of time around the west elevator shaft at the University Hospital. We thought perhaps they would try nesting there, after failing for two years at the bell tower. The University had some repair work done on the tower in April, we thought if the birds were just beginning to nest, they probably would have abandoned the site. I spoke with the repair people, and the peregrines seemed fairly tame and would approach within a few feet. The birds did seem more protective of the SW corner, which is where we had suspected they had tried to nest. The workers looked for eggshell fragments in the gutter and the ledges, and did not find any, so we have no proof that the female laid any eggs in previous years. The birds spent quite a bit of time at the hospital early in the season, but again, there was no indication that they actually nested there. Perhaps they were disturbed by the tower repair work. At any rate, they were not successful at nesting in 2008.


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Last updated 24 February 2009