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The Miscellaneous Publications, Occasional Papers and many other publications are free to download. For those able to make a donation in support of the Museum of Zoology we would be most appreciative.

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Miscellaneous Publications

Occasional Papers

  • Smith G.R., T.E. Dowling 2008. Correlating hydrographic events and divergence times of speckled dace (Rhinichthys: Teleosti: Cyprinidae) in the Colorado River drainage. The Geological Society of America, Special Paper 439
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  • Spencer J.E., G.R. Smith, T.E. Dowling 2008. Middle to late Cenozoic geology, hydrography, and fish evolution in the American Southwest. The Geological Society of America, Special Paper 439
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  • Smith G.R., D.R. Montgomery, N.P. Peterson, B. Crowley 2007. Spawning sockeye salmon fossils in Pleistocene lake beds of Skokomish Valley, Washington. Quaternary Research 68, 227-238
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  • Eiting T. P., G.R. Smith 2007. Miocene salmon (Oncorhynchus) from Western North America: Gill Raker evolution correlated with plankton productivity in the Eastern Pacific. Palaeo 249, 412-424
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  • Estabrook G. F., G. R. Smith, T. E. Dowling 2007. Body mass and temperature influence rates of mitochondrial DNA evolution in North American cyprinid fish. Evolution 61-5: 1176-1187
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  • A. Zazzo, G.R. Smith, W.P. Patterson, E. Dufour 2006. Life History reconstruction of modern and fossil sockeye salmon (Oncorhyncus nerka) by oxygen isotopic analysis of otoliths, vertebrae, and teeth: Implications for paleoenvironmental reconstructions. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 249, 200-215
  • Smith, G., and J. Cossel 2002. Fishes from the late Miocene Chalk Hills and Poison Creek Formations, Owyhee County Idaho Idaho Mus. Nat. Hist. Occasional Papers 37:23-35
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  • Smith, G.R., K. Swirydczuk, P.G. Kimmel, and B.H. Wilkinson 1982 Fish biostratigraphy of late Miocene to Pleistocene sediments of the western Snake River Plain, Idaho p. 519-542 in B. Bonnichsen and R.M. Breckenridge (Eds.), Cenozoic Geology of Idaho Idaho Bur. Mines and Geol. Bull. 26, 725 pp
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  • Smith, G.R., T. Dowling, K.W. Gobalet, T. Lugaski, D. Shiazawa, and R.P. Evans 2002 Biogeography and timing of evolutionary events among Great Basin fishes pp. 175-234, in R. Hershler, D.B. Madsen, and D.R. Currey, Great Basin Aquatic Systems History Smithsonian Contributions to Earth Sciences, Number 33, 405 pp
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  • Albert, J. S. 2001. Species diversity and phylogenetic systematics of the American knifefishes (Gymnotiformes, Teleostei). Misc. Pubs. Univ. Michigan Mus. Zool. 190: i-vi, 1-127. Publication Date: November 1, 2001
  • Ng, Hoek Hee and W. J. Rainboth. 2001. A review of the sisorid catfish genus Oreoglanis (Siluriformes, Sisoridae) with descriptions of four new species. Occ. Pap. Mus. Zool. Univ. Michigan 732: 1-34. Publication Date: August 18 2001
  • Fink, W.L. and A. Machado-Allison. 2001. Serrasalmus hastatus, a new species of piranha from Brazil, with comments on Serrasalmus altuvei and Serrasalmus compressus (Teleostei: Characiformes). Occ. Pap. Mus. Zool. Univ. Michigan 730:1-18, 16 figures.
  • Sparks, J. S., and P. N. Reinthal. 1999. Paretroplus maromandia, a new cichlid fish from the northwest of Madagascar. Occ. Pap. Mus. Zool. Univ. Michigan 727:1-18, 5 figures, 3 tables. Note that this version is NOT an exact duplicate of the original publication.
  • Webb, S.A., and R.R. Miller. 1998. Zoogoneticus tequila, a new goodeid fish (Cyprinodontiformes) from the Ameca drainage of Mexico, with a rediagnosis of the genus. Occ. Pap. Mus. Zool. Univ. Michigan 725:1-23, 5 figures.