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  • MP 13 Hubbs C.L., 1/1/1924.
    Studies of the fishes of the Order Cyprinodontes.
  • MP 15 Hubbs C.L., 1/1/1926.
    A check-list of the fishes of the Great Lakes and tributary waters, with nomenclatorial notes and analytical keys.
  • MP 16 Hubbs C.L. , 7/9/1926.
    Studies of the fishes of the Order Cyprinodontes, Vol. 87.
  • MP 17 Creaser C.W., 1/1/1926.
    The structure and growth of the scales of fishes in relation to the interpretation of their life-history, with special reference to the sunfish Eupomotis gibbosus.
  • MP 20 Hubbs C.L., 1/1/1930.
    Materials for a revision of the catostomid fishes of eastern North America. $3.8
  • MP 28 Hubbs C.L., 1/1/1935.
    Fresh-water fishes collected in British Honduras and Guatemala. $2.4
  • MP 30 Hubbs C.L., Cannon M.D., 1/1/1935.
    The darters of the genera Hololepis and Villora. $6.9
  • MP 35 Hubbs C.L., Trautman M.B. , 1/1/1937.
    A revision of the lamprey genus Ichthyomyzon. $8
  • MP 42 Hubbs C.L., Turner C.L. , 1/1/1939.
    Studies of the fishes of the Order Cyprinodontes, XVI: A revision of the Goodeidae. $6.7
  • MP 48 Hubbs C.L., Bailey R.M. , 1/1/1940.
    A revision of the black basses (Micropterus and Huro) with descriptions of four new forms. $5.1
  • MP 63 Hubbs C.L., 1/1/1945.
    Phylogenetic position of the Citharidae, a family of flatfishes. $3
  • MP 65 Hubbs C.L., Raney E.C., 1/1/1946.
    Endemic fish fauna of Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina. $2.5
  • MP 66 Hubbs C.L., J.D. Black, 1/2/1947.
    Revision of Ceratichthys, a genus of American cyprinid fishes. $4.9
  • MP 67 Gomes A.L., 1/1/1947.
    A small collection of fishes from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. $3.6
  • MP 68 Miller R.R., 1/1/1948.
    The Cyprinodont fishes of the Death Valley system of eastern California and southwestern Nevada. $12.15
  • MP 78 Hubbs C.L., 1/1/1950.
    Studies of cyprinodont fishes. XX: A new subfamily from Guatemala, with ctenoid scales and a unilateral pectoral clasper. $2.8
  • MP 87 W.R. Taylor, 1/1/1954.
    Records of fishes in the John N. Lowe collection from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. $4
  • MP 92 R.R. Miller, 1/2/1955.
    A systematic review of the Middle American fishes of the genus Profundulus. $6.3
  • MP 93 Bailey R.M., Gosline W.A., 1/1/1955.
    Variation and systematic significance of vertebral counts in the American fishes of the family Percidae.
  • MP 115 Miller R.R., Hubbs C.L., 1/1/1960.
    The spiny-rayed cyprinid fishes (Plagopterini) of the Colorado River system. $3.4
  • MP 119 Bailey R.M., Allum M.O., 1/1/1962.
    Fishes of South Dakota. $9.3
  • MP 127 Hubbs, C.L. and R.R. Miller, 1/1/1965.
    Studies of cyprinodont fishes, XXII: Variation in Lucania parva, its establishment in western United States, and description of a new species from an interior basin in Coahuila, Mexico. $7.7
  • MP 129 Smith G.R., 1/1/1966.
    Distribution and evolution of the North American catostomid fishes of the subgenus Pantosteus, genus Catostomus. $9.3
  • MP 155 Barbour, C.D. and R.R. Miller, 1/1/1978.
    A revision of the Mexican cyprinid fish genus Algansea. $5.7
  • MP 163 Lundberg, J.G., 1/1/1982.
    The comparative anatomy of the toothless blindcat, Trogloglanis pattersoni Eigenmann, with a phylogenetic analysis of the ictalurid catfishes. $9.2
  • MP 168 Bailey, R.M. and D.J. Stewart, 1/1/1984.
    Bagrid catfishes from Lake Tanganyika, with a key and descriptions of new taxa. $6.1
  • MP 171 Fink, W.L., 1/2/1985.
    Phylogenetic interrelationships of the stomiid fishes (Teleostei: Stomiiformes). $15.7
  • MP 175 Bailey R.M., Etnier D.A., 2/2/1988.
    Comments on the subgenera of darters (Percidae) with descriptions of two new species of Etheostoma (Ulocentra) from southeastern United States. $8.6
  • MP 185 Dyer B.S., 2/2/1997.
    Phylogenetic revision of Atherinopsinae (Teleostei, Atherinopsidae), with comments on the systematics of the South American freshwater fish genus Basilichthys Girard. $19.2
  • MP 190 Albert, J.S., 2/2/2001.
    Species diversity and phylogenetic systematics of American knifefishes $13
  • MP 192 Bailey, R.M., W.C. Latta, and G.R. Smith, 8/4/2004.
    An atlas of Michigan fishes with keys and illustrations for their identification. SPECIAL PRICE!!! $12
  • MP 198 Prosanta Chakrabarty, 1/9/2007.
    A morphological phylogenetic analysis of Middle American Cichlids with special emphasis on the section 'Nandopsis' Sense Regan $12
  • MP 201 Rainboth Walter J., Chavalit Vidthayanon, Mai Dinh Yen, 6/1/2012.
    Fishes of the Greater Mekong Ecosystem. (price includes shipping) $45.5