Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A. 48109-1079

Michigan Museum of Zoology
Division of Amphibians and Reptiles

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109
Telephone: (734) 764-0466


I agree to take reasonable care of all specimens loaned to me by the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology and to adhere to the following six conditions:

  1. Specimens may not be removed from the institution to which they are sent, nor re-loaned, without permission to do so. Loans are made only to regular staff members of research institutions. The advisor who borrows specimens for a graduate student assumes all responsibility for the material.
  2. Loans will be returned to the Museum of Zoology not later than six months from the date of receipt unless an extension of time has been granted. Holotypes must be returned within two months from the time of receipt.
  3. One of two invoice copies will be signed, dated and returned upon receipt of the specimens. We recommend noting all damage to specimens on the return receipt.
  4. Wet specimens will be kept in the appropriate fluid: reptiles in 75% ethanol, metamorphosed amphibians in 65% ethanol, and amphibian eggs and larvae in 10% buffered formalin, or as noted otherwise. Under no circumstances will UMMZ specimens be transferred to isopropanol or methanol. Specimens will be kept out of direct sunlight and at moderate temperature and in the dark when not in use.
  5. Permission must be obtained to permanently alter (dissect, skeletonize, etc.) any specimen.
  6. Specimens will be carefully packed such that they remain moist while in transit. Parcels should have two inches of padding separating specimens from the outer walls of the shipping container. The packages will be registered, insured, or certified so that they can be traced if lost in transit.