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  • MP 1 Williamson, E.B., 12/1/1916.
    Directions for collecting and preserving specimens of dragonflies for museum purposes.
  • MP 2 Williamson, E.B., 1/1/1917.
    An annotated list of the Odonata of Indiana. $1.1
  • MP 3 Williamson, E.B., 2/22/1918.
    A collecting trip to Colombia, South America. $1.1
  • MP 9 Williamson, E.B., 7/2/1923.
    Notes on American species of Triacanthagyna and Gynacantha.
  • MP 11 Williamson, E.B. and C.H. Kennedy, 7/14/1923.
    Notes on the genus Erythemis with a description of a new species (Odonata): The phylogeny and the distribution of the genus Erythemis (Odonata).
  • MP 14 Williamson, E.B. and J.H. Williamson, 7/15/1924.
    The genus Perilestes (Odonata). $3
  • MP 21 Ris, F., 9/2/1930.
    A revision of the libelluline genus Perithemis (Odonata). $5.1
  • MP 22 Borror, D.J., 4/30/1931.
    The genus Oligoclada (Odonata). $4.5
  • MP 23 Hubbell, T.H., 6/9/1932.
    A revision of the Puer Group of the North American genus Melanoplus, with remarks on the taxonomic value of the concealed male genitalia in the Cyrtacanthacrinae (Orthoptera, Acrididae). $5.4
  • MP 36 Byers, C.F., 6/30/1937.
    A review of the dragonflies of the genera Neurocordulia and Platycordulia.
  • MP 53 Rogers, J.S., 4/7/1943.
    The crane flies (Tipulidae) of the George Reserve, Michigan. $10.15
  • MP 54 Cantrall, I.J., 1/24/1943.
    The ecology of the Orthoptera and Dermaptera of the George Reserve, Michigan. $12.2
  • MP 62 Liljeblad, E., 1/24/1925.
    Monograph of the Family Mordellidae (Coleoptera) of North America, North of Mexico. $14.6
  • MP 84 Olson, A.L., T.H. Hubbell, and H.F. Howden, 1/26/1954.
    The burrowing beetles of the genus Mycotrupes (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Geotrupinae). $5.6
  • MP 88 Moore, S., 1/31/1955.
    An annotated list of the moths of Michigan exclusive of Tineoidea (Lepidoptera). $6.7
  • MP 90 Alexander, C.P., 4/22/1955.
    The crane flies of Alaska and the Canadian Northwest (Tipulidae, Diptera); the genus Erioptera Meigen. $3.3
  • MP 98 Hays, K.L., 12/21/1956.
    A synopsis of the Tabanidae (Diptera) of Michigan. $5.85
  • MP 104 Kormondy, E.J., 12/17/1958.
    Catalogue of the Odonata of Michigan.
  • MP 107 Kormondy, E. J., 9/28/1959.
    The systematics of Tetragoneuria, based on ecological, life history, and morphological evidence (Odonata: Corduliidae). $6.6
  • MP 116 Hubbell, T.H., 12/28/1960.
    The sibling species of the Alutacea Group of the bird-locust genus Schistocerca (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Cyrtacanthacridinae). $9.4
  • MP 121 Alexander R.D., Moore T.E. , 7/24/1962.
    The evolutionary relationships of 17-year and 13-year cicadas, and three new species (Homoptera, Cicadidae, Magicicada). $9.4
  • MP 126 Cohn T.J., 2/10/1965.
    The arid-land katydids of the North American genus Neobarrettia (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae): their systematics and a reconstruction of their history. $11.7
  • MP 130 Lloyd J.E., 11/25/1966.
    Studies on the flash communication system in Photinus fireflies. $7.1
  • MP 133 Alexander R.D., Otte D., 11/17/1967.
    The evolution of genitalia and mating behavior in crickets (Gryllidae) and other Orthoptera. $5
  • MP 140 Eberhard M.J.W., 12/3/1969.
    The social biology of polistine wasps. $7.1
  • MP 141 Otte D., 12/11/1970.
    A comparative study of communicative behavior in grasshoppers. $11.8
  • MP 144 Edgar A.L., 10/29/1971.
    Studies on the biology and ecology of Michigan Phalangida (Opiliones) $5.1
  • MP 153 Leonard J.W., 10/7/1977.
    A revisionary study of the genus Acanthagrion (Odonata: Zygoptera) $11.6
  • MP 156 Hubbell T.H., R.M. Norton, 8/1/1978.
    The systematics and biology of the cave-crickets of the North American tribe Hadenoecini (Orthoptera: Saltatoria: Ensifera: Rhaphidophoridae: Dolichopodinae). $10.4
  • MP 180 Klompen, J. S. H., 4/15/1992.
    Phylogenetic relationships in the mite family Sarcoptidae (Acari: Astigmata). $30.4
  • MP 184 OConnor, B.M., Colwell, R.K., and Naeem, S., 2/25/1997.
    The flower mites of Trinidad III: The genus Rhinoseius (Acari: Ascidae). $10.8
  • MP 196 Bochkov, A.V., OConnor B.M., 2/2/2006.
    Fur-mites of the family Atopomelidae (Acari: Astigmata) parasitic on Philippine mammals: systematics, phylogeny, and host-parasite relationships. $20
  • MP 199 Klimov P.B., OConnor B.M., 2/2/2008.
    Morphology, evolution, and host associations of bee-associated mites of the family Chaetodactylidae (Acari: Astigmata). $38
  • MP 202 Mary Talbot, 2/2/2012.
    The natural history of the ants of Michigan's E.S. George Reserve: a 26 year study. (Out of Print)
  • MP 203 Theodore J. Cohn (posthumous), Daniel R. Swanson, and Paolo Fontana, 12/31/2014.
    Dichopetala and new related North American genera: a study in genitalic similarity in sympatry and genitalic differences in allopatry (Tettigoniidae: Phaneropterinae: Odonturini) $20