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The Mollusk Division of the Museum of Zoology is a collection of resources for people who conduct research on, or need information about, mollusks. The division contains one of the largest collections of freshwater mollusks in the world. It also has a respectable marine collection, and one of the top collections of land snails in the United States.

Division News

UMMZ news from the World Congress of Malacology

The UMMZ was well represented at the World Congress of Malacology with seven speakers and a best student oral presentation award for Jingchun Li.


Celia Churchill (Ph.D.) and Cindy Bick (M.Sc.) graduate

Congratulations to Celia and Cindy who graduated this spring. Cindy completed her Master's degree and is continuing on to a PhD. Celia received her PhD. We wish you all the best in the coming years!


Publication Highlights

Drivers of marine biodiversity: Tiny, freeloading clams find the key to evolutionary success

What mechanisms control the generation and maintenance of biological diversity on the planet? EEB graduate student, Jingchun Li, first author of the PLoS ONE paper and her advisor, Professor Diarmaid Ó Foighil, studied this question using tiny ocean clams.