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Behind the Scenes Outreach a success!


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Paula Teichholtz talking about mollusks.

This year's Behind the Scenes Outreach event at the Museum of Zoology was held Sunday Jan. 27th.

The event is coordinated by the Museum of Natural History. It is a rare occasion that provides the public with a glimpse of what museum personnel are doing behind the scenes. 

From the Museum of Natural History website:

"Behind the Scenes Day is a rare opportunity to visit behind the scenes at the four museums of the Ruthven Museums Building on the University of Michigan Central Campus.  The Museum of Anthropology, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Paleontology, and Museum of Zoology welcome you into collections areas, research laboratories, exhibit preparation areas, and other spaces not usually open to the public.  Meet scientist-curators, collection managers, exhibit preparators, and student researchers, and find out more about their work. Space on guided tours is limited.  Visitors are advised to come early to sign up for the tour of their choice."

Many thanks to everyone involved. The combination of enthusiasm and expertise made it a success and a great day.

Museum participants include:

Birds: Janet Hinshaw, Sara Cole, Emile Moacdieh

Mammals: Steve Hinwhaw

Reptiles & Amphibians: Dan Rabosky, Alison Davis Rabosky, Jay Reed, Daniel Winfield

Insects: Mark O'Brien

Fishes: Doug Nelson

Mollusks: Cindy Bick,Tom Duda, Samantha Flowers, Taehwan Lee,  Jingchun Li, Diarmaid Ó Foighil, Paula Teichholtz.