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The Hungriest Critters in the UMMZ Featured on YouTube…Again!!!


The UMMZ dermestid colony has been featured again on YouTube.  This latest video (see above) was created for the YouTube channel, WorldByCharlie.  WorldByCharlie is the brainchild of EEB undergraduate, Charlie Engleman.  Charlie produced the video, titled "Flesh Eating Beetles Work at the Museum", as part of his undergraduate honor's thesis.  Charlie's thesis is on the relationship between science education and different forms of media.  As part of his project, Charlie is producing several short videos on interesting topics of nature and the environment.  This video highlights the use of dermestids in natural history collections and includes interviews with the UMMZ Mammal Collections Manager and Assistant Research Scientist, Dr. Cody Thompson, as well as UMMZ undergraduate research assistants, Dwight Seahorn and Chelsea Blumbergs.  Charlie is advised by EEB faculty, Dr. Robyn Burnham and Laura Olsen.

The dermestid colony was the subject of a previous YouTube video, titled "Anatomy of Preservation".  This timelapse video showed the conversion of a Jamaican fruit bat (Artibeus jamaicensis) alcoholic specimen to a skeletal prep by former UMMZ undergraduate research assistant, Michael Schmidtke ('11).  In addition, the video showed the dermestid colony meticulously removing the tissue from the specimen.  This video was featured on the University of Michigan website and has received nearly 40,000 views (see below).