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Professor Knowles president-elect of the Society of Systematic Biologists


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lacey knowles

Professor L. Lacey Knowles is president-elect of the Society of Systematic Biologists. Her term began January 1, 2012.

“Dr. Knowles has been a pioneer in the integration of theoretical population genetics into phylogenetics,” said Dr. Jack Sullivan, president, Society of Systematic Biologists, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Idaho. “Her election to the presidential seat of SSB reflects that her international peers recognize the excellence and far-reaching consequences of her research.

“In 2013, as the sitting president, she will be both the public face of and provide the main guiding vision for the SSB. In 2014, as the most recent past president, she will organize the Executive Council and give the Presidential Address at the joint annual meetings of the American Society of Naturalists, the Society for the Study of Evolution, and the Society of Systematic Biologists. All three years, she will serve on the Executive Council of the SSB and the Joint Council of all three societies mentioned above.”

The objective of the SSB is the advancement of the science of systematic biology in all its aspects of theory, principles, methodology, and practice, for both living and fossil organisms, with emphasis on areas of common interest to all systematic biologists regardless of individual specialization.