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Annual ID Day at Ruthven Museum!


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A spectrum of biological objects was presented for identification; one of the more striking being a mummified roundy goby (Neogobius melanostomus) – an invasive Eurasian species first detected here in 1990 - from a Lake Michigan beach:

A total of 18 UMMZ personnel (* see list below) participated in the Ruthven Museum’s ID Day on October 7th. This annual event drew 378 participants, a large fraction of them local school children, some bearing biological specimens – bones, shells etc. – for identification by our talented and knowledgeable volunteer team of graduate students, collection managers and curators.

Most ID Day participants did not have objects of their own but enjoyed interacting with the display specimens provided from each of the UMMZ’s divisional collections: Bird, Mammal, Amphibians & Reptiles, Fishes, Insects and Mollusks. A good time was had by all as is evident from the photos below. My thanks to all UMMZ personnel who helped make this a success.

* Participating personnel: Cindy Bick, Tanya Dewey, Tom Duda, Samantha Flowers, Alison Gould, Janet Hinshaw, Taehwan Lee, Tristan McKnight, Emile Moacdieh, Mark O’Brien, Barry O’Connor, Diarmaid Ó Foighil, Dan Rabosky, Alison Davis Rabosky, Gerald Smith, Paula Teichholtz , Alexa Unruh, Dan Winfield

Taehwan Lee & Cindy Bick talking to visitor

Dan Winfield (left) & Dan Rabosky (right)

Jerry Smith presenting fish specimens to a young visitor

Steve and Janet Hinshaw

Mark O'Brien and Barry OConnor identifying insects

Tanya Dewey talking about mammals