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Have insect collection, will travel

Professor Barry OConnor toted some of what he calls the "oh my" display collections of insects to Spencer Elementary School in Brighton, Tuesday, Oct. 25.

11/16/2011 |  (more)

Three liquid nitrogen freezers chill at UMMZ

Three large capacity freezers for tissue storage have been added to the museum's facilities. Funded by Priscilla Tucker's $178,000 Collections Improvement Grant from the National Science Foundation, the freezers will be used to store tissue samples. An open house will be held during Friday coffee hour on Dec. 9

12/9/2011 |  (more)

Peregrin Falcon hatchlings at the University of Michigan

As reported by U-M's Record Update "The first known peregrine falcon chicks to hatch at U-M are growing in a nest box that was set up last summer on a roof at University Hospital." (more)

10/15/2011 |  (more)

We are moving into a new collections facility!

At left Doug Nelson & Taehwan Lee are inspecting the assembly of the new ethanol collection shelving in the Varsity Drive facility. The move will commence in December 2011.

12/5/2011 |  (more)

Environment Report tours Museum of Zoology fish collection

Listen in as Professor and Curator Bill Fink leads a guided tour through the Museum of Zoology’s fish collection on Michigan Radio’s “The Environment Report.”

9/14/2011 |  (more)

Jeremy Wright's article on cover of Evolution

Jeremy Wright's article "Conservative coevolution of mullerian mimicry in a group of rift lake catfish" has made the cover. Congratulations!

8/2/2011 |  (more)

Huang awarded Tinkle Scholarship

EEB graduate student Huateng Huang will receive the Donald W. Tinkle Scholarship from U-M Museum of Zoology. This $5,000 award is a special recognition of her research excellence. Huang’s research investigates the underlying genetic mechanism of speciation.  

6/30/2011 |  (more)

The fluid collection is moving

A new fluid facility is being constructed off campus. A section of the Museum is also being renovated for fluids needed for classes. Jars have been inventoried and tagged. Each jar will be assigned to its proper location on a shelf in the new facility.

2/12/2012 |  (more)


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