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Ancient sharks reared young in prehistoric river-delta nursery

New findings by University of Michigan paleontologist Lauren Sallan and a University of Chicago colleague, published online Jan. 7, 2013 in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, mark the earliest known example of shark migration

1/7/2014 |  (more)

Otero Jiménez selected for Genetics Training Grant Program

Mammal Division Ph.D. student, Beatriz Otero Jiménez, was selected to participate in the University of Michigan Predoctoral Training Program in Genetics.  She is interested in using genetic tools to understand the role of agricultural systems in tropical ecosystems.  Beatriz is co-advised by Drs. Priscilla Tucker and John Vandermeer.

11/13/2013 |  (more)

New collection manager in UMMZ mammal division

A warm welcome to Cody Thompson, collection manager in the Museum of Zoology’s Mammal Division.  Thompson is responsible for the daily activities of the mammal research collection, including maintaining the specimens currently found in the collection and the associated database, coordinating the research activities that involve the mammal collection for both on- and off-campus researchers, and improving the functionality and usability of the mammal collection to others.

11/8/2013 |  (more)

Division of Reptiles and Amphibians receives collection from Papua New Guinea

Collections Manager, Greg Schneider, with Tree Python and skinks

Collections Manager, Greg Schneider, with Tree Python and skinks from recently acquired collection from New Guinea.

10/22/2013 |  (more)

Jean Wright Cohn Endowment Fund

The Jean Wright Cohn Endowment Fund in the Museum of Zoology has been established through a very generous donation from the Jean W. Cohn Living Trust to support the activities of the Museum’s Bird Division.

10/2/2013 |  (more)

ID Day!

On Sunday October 6th, a UMMZ task force participated in the 2013 "ID Day", one of two designated Ruthven Museums annual public outreach events. The event was a smashing success, attracting 656 visitors (a marked increase on last years’ 378) including many young children and their parents.

10/6/2013 |  (more)

Copeia documents the role of UMMZ in it's production.

An article by Joseph C. Mitchell and David G. Smith in the most recent issue of Copeia describes some of the history of the journal and how Ruthven and the UMMZ were involved.

10/2/2013 |  (more)

Mimicking venomous snakes: untangling the history of deceptive coloration

If a mimicry system offers protection from predators, then why hasn't evolution eliminated the "failed mimics," such as ground snakes sporting color patterns that don't remotely resemble a coral snake? That's the puzzle that University of Michigan evolutionary biologist Alison Davis Rabosky has spent the last four years trying to solve.

9/13/2013 |  (more)

Fluid-preserved Invertebrate Imaging Workshop a success!

This workshop, conducted by Mark O'Brien, focused on imaging techniques for fluid-preserved invertebrates and microscopic slides. The target audience included collections managers, curators, and directors in U.S. non-federal invertebrate collections with significant numbers of fluid- and microscopic-slide-preserved specimens. The primary goal was to prepare participants for imaging these difficult-to-record collection objects.

9/17/2013 |  (more)

Long-held assumption about emergence of new species questioned

University of Michigan biologist Dan Rabosky and Daniel Matute, University of Chicago, are questioning the long-held assumption that genetic reproductive barriers, also known as reproductive isolation, are a driving force behind speciation.

9/2/2013 |  (more)


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