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Mimicking venomous snakes: untangling the history of deceptive coloration

If a mimicry system offers protection from predators, then why hasn't evolution eliminated the "failed mimics," such as ground snakes sporting color patterns that don't remotely resemble a coral snake? That's the puzzle that University of Michigan evolutionary biologist Alison Davis Rabosky has spent the last four years trying to solve.

9/13/2013 |  (more)

Fluid-preserved Invertebrate Imaging Workshop a success!

This workshop, conducted by Mark O'Brien, focused on imaging techniques for fluid-preserved invertebrates and microscopic slides. The target audience included collections managers, curators, and directors in U.S. non-federal invertebrate collections with significant numbers of fluid- and microscopic-slide-preserved specimens. The primary goal was to prepare participants for imaging these difficult-to-record collection objects.

9/17/2013 |  (more)

Long-held assumption about emergence of new species questioned

University of Michigan biologist Dan Rabosky and Daniel Matute, University of Chicago, are questioning the long-held assumption that genetic reproductive barriers, also known as reproductive isolation, are a driving force behind speciation.

9/2/2013 |  (more)

UMMZ news from the World Congress of Malacology

The UMMZ was well represented at the World Congress of Malacology with seven speakers and a best student oral presentation award for Jingchun Li.

8/12/2013 |  (more)

Thomaz scores best poster award

EEB graduate student Andrea Thomaz won the Best Student Poster Award from the Neotropical Ichthyological Association.

7/29/2013 |  (more)

On U-M Gateway: From obscurity to dominance: tracking the rapid evolutionary rise of ray-finned fish

Mass extinctions, like lotteries, result in a multitude of losers and a few lucky winners.

7/22/2013 |  (more)

Lifetime Achievement Award for Gerald Smith

Professor EmeritusGerald Smith was honored with the first Joseph S. Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award by  the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists.

7/26/2013 |  (more)

Frontiers Master's Student Defends Thesis

Frontiers Master's Student, Marcella Baiz, recently defended her thesis on the genetic relatedness of howler monkeys (Alouatta sp.).

6/24/2013 |  (more)

On the U-M Gateway: Living fossils? Actually, sturgeon are evolutionary speedsters

"Sturgeon are thought of as a living fossil group that has undergone relatively slow rates of anatomical change over time. But that's simply not true," said Professor Daniel Rabosky.

6/7/2013 |  (more)

The votes are in: He wins EEB's outstanding paper 2012-13

EEB graduate student Qixin He ’s paper was selected as EEB’s Outstanding Paper of the Year.

6/6/2013 |  (more)


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