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Frontiers Master's Student Defends Thesis

Frontiers Master's Student, Marcella Baiz, recently defended her thesis on the genetic relatedness of howler monkeys (Alouatta sp.).

6/24/2013 |  (more)

On the U-M Gateway: Living fossils? Actually, sturgeon are evolutionary speedsters

"Sturgeon are thought of as a living fossil group that has undergone relatively slow rates of anatomical change over time. But that's simply not true," said Professor Daniel Rabosky.

6/7/2013 |  (more)

Genetic study of house dust mites demonstrates reversible evolution

Pavel Klimov, EEB and Museum of Zoology assistant research scientist, and EEB Professor Barry Oconnor, curator of insects and arachnids, used a large-scale genetic study of the lowly house dust mite to uncover an example of reversible evolution that appears to violate Dollo's law.

3/8/2013 |  (more)

The votes are in: He wins EEB's outstanding paper 2012-13

EEB graduate student Qixin He ’s paper was selected as EEB’s Outstanding Paper of the Year.

6/6/2013 |  (more)

Contest set to name peregrine falcon chicks hatched atop U-M hospital

The university offers the Ann Arbor community an opportunity to name the baby falcons through an online contest. Please visit the U-M Facebook page for contest updates.

6/4/2013 |  (more)

Celia Churchill (Ph.D.) and Cindy Bick (M.Sc.) graduate

Congratulations to Celia and Cindy who graduated this spring. Cindy completed her Master's degree and is continuing on to a PhD. Celia received her PhD. We wish you all the best in the coming years!

5/21/2013 |  (more)

Coveted NSF Graduate Research Fellowships announced

EEB Ph.D. student Marian Schmidt and incoming Ph.D. student Joanna Larson have been awarded the prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Joanna will be working with Dan Rabosky and Lacey Knowles

5/7/2013 |  (more)

Cindy Bick receives fellowship grant

Congratulations to Cindy Bick who received a CEW Menakka and Essel Bailey Graduate Fellowship for $6500. 

5/6/2013 |  (more)

Fluid-preserved Imaging Workshop

Deadline to apply for the Fluid-preserved Imaging Workshop is May 8, 2013.

5/8/2013 |  (more)

Rabosky awarded $600K NSF grant

Professor Dan Rabosky has been awarded a $600,000 NSF grant for his project, “A macroevolutionary framework to study the assembly of continental biotas.”

4/30/2012 |  (more)


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