Welcome Letter From The Director

Sandy Gregerman

Sandy Gregerman

Welcome to the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program! This year enters our 24th year as a program. We are one of the first programs in the country to engage first and second year students in research and remain among one of the few universities to provide research opportunities for first and second year students. Over our 22 years, more than 10,000 students have been part of our program.

We look forward to working with you in our program and introducing you to the vast array of research that takes place at the University of Michigan. We hope you will learn many things as a UROP participant (either as a student or a sponsor):  how research is conducted in your area of interest and in other fields, research skills that will benefit you in not only research but in your courses, how to interact and communicate with faculty and other researchers, about what you like and may not like in terms of future academic and career directions, and how to become inquisitive and independent learners. To quote one of our UROP research sponsors:

“Personal experiences with research bring the classroom into the real world. It is critical to "translate" what we learn in the classroom into real working experiences. Experiencing research is to experience the "rush" of planning and watching the results follow. Students also gain considerably from UROP by "shrinking" the University. They are able to interact, even as freshmen, with faculty and other students and graduate students and postdocs. They gain friends, mentors, and also can get direct help and advice from faculty and more advanced students who have already faced many of the issues they will face. UROP students also gain an advocate in the UROP office, as well as with their faculty advisors when facing issues that may arise in a big University or when adjusting to such a large place.”
—Bruno Giordani, Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Psychology

We have done extensive research on the impact of UROP on students. We know that UROP students are more likely to graduate from the University of Michigan, do better academically, waste far less time, go to graduate and professional school in greater numbers than students who do not have a research experience, are more engaged in the University, and more comfortable interacting and speaking with faculty. So welcome to UROP. Please stop by the office and introduce yourself. I hope you have a productive and interesting year.


Sandra Gregerman