Sponsor Requirements

Once you have hired a student, UROP asks you to orient the student to the project and provide training. While you may have a graduate student or research assistant working with the UROP student on a day to day basis, UROP sponsors are expected to assume the primary responsibility for insuring that the student has a quality experience.

Supervision of UROP students include:

  • Schedule their time and provide a minimum of 6 hours per of work each week
  • Orient them to the research project
  • Provide background readings and discuss the development of the current project
  • Monitor their work and sign time sheets every two weeks
  • Include them in research group meetings
  • Meet with them on a regular basis to discuss their progress and performance on the project
  • Engage them in conversations about their current academic experiences and their career interests
  • Provide midterm progress reports and final grades and evaluations.

Every year UROP provides an orientation and additional training for sponsors who would like to learn how to make the best of their mentorship relationship with their undergraduate research assistant.  Please contact Katy Downs at downs@umich.edu if you are interested in attending.