Who Can Become a Sponsor

University of Michigan Affiliates

You are eligible to sponsor a UROP student if you are affiliated with the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus, as a tenure track faculty member, lecturer, research scientist, post doctoral fellow, librarian, academic administrator, and and/or professional staff member in all schools and colleges as well as research centers, museums, institutes and hospitals. Current sponsors are also encouraged to identify colleagues who may wish to sponsor a student(s). All faculty, research scientists and Fellows new to the University of Michigan will be sent an invitation to become a research sponsor.

Questions regarding sponsor eligibility for University of Michigan affiliates can be sent to Katy Downs at downs@umich.edu.  

Community Partners & Community Based Research Organizations

UROP also welcomes project applications from professionals working in the greater Ann Arbor community and/or community based organizations with an identified research need and who would like to sponsor a UROP student. This includes non profit, local, state and federal agencies and private industry.

If you are a community based organization interested in having a UROP student assist with a research project, you are eligible to submit a project application. The research project should take place in a community setting; should be relevant and meaningful to the community and the organization; should be community driven; and should directly benefit the agency/organization beyond the scope of the fellowship program. When appropriate, research can take place at both the university and in the community. There should also be a strong learning component for the student researcher.  

Questions regarding sponsor eligibility for Community Partners and Community Based Research Organizations can be sent to Jenna Steiner at jennaste@umich.edu.