Fall-Winter Programs

Fall-Winter Research

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program offers several different programs throughout the Academic Year designed to assist University of Michigan undergraduate students on the Ann Arbor campus to discover the world of research through collaborations with U-M researchers. Students participating in the program are called research assistants and work alongside a faculty member, research scientist or professional practitioner on an ongoing or new research project.

Fall-Winter Program Requirements

Regardless of which program students are participating in, all students are:

  • Required to conduct research with a UROP Sponsor
  • Assigned a peer advisor who they meet with on a regular basis
  • Required to attend seminars meetings in addition to conducting research
  • Apply directly to faculty sponsors (with the aid of a peer advisor and UROP staff liaisons) to projects the STUDENT finds interesting and engaging
  • Are responsible for scheduling their own research hours around the rest of their academic schedule

To learn about the specific program requirements for each program, use the links to the right of the screen.