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How do I participate for Work-Study in UROP?

Instructions for Using Work-Study Funding for Research in UROP

Work Study is a financial aid program that is awarded through the UM Office of Financial Aid and is part of your UM financial aid package. To qualify to receive work study awards, you must have financial need as demonstrated through the FAFSA process completed earlier in the year. To determine if you have a work study award and the amount of that award, login to Wolverine Access and click on “Student Business>View Financial Aid Award Summary.”


How Work Study Students Participate in UROP:

UROP students will be employed by UROP and will receive an hourly wage of $8.50 for the hours worked on the research project. Only hours worked on the project may be submitted on timesheets for payment.  Activities related to the research seminar (attendance at seminars, work on assignments, projects and individual meetings with Peer Advisors) may not be submitted on time sheets for payment!


Work Study participants will register for 1 academic credit of UC280.001. Students will register for this course after finding a research project and submitting the UROP Learning Agreement Contract. Credit is earned by attending a bi-weekly research seminar where a variety of research issues are explored, completing journal and reading assignments, having individual monthly meetings with their UROP Peer Advisor, and completing a term project.  A detailed syllabus for this course with complete information about topics, assignments, etc. will be available on the UROP Peer Instructor’s CTools website after a student has been admitted and placed in a peer group.

Can students participate in other programs or activites when in UROP?

If you want to participate in UROP, you should be willing to give it enough priority in your schedule for you to be successful in the program. Many students worry about having enough time for UROP and this is an important concern. You should not register for more than 15 academic credits without UROP and allow enough time throughout your days to add your work on the research project. You'll need to balance your extracurricular activities as well.
Successful UROP students report that UROP helped them with time management and provided them with a support system to be successful at Michigan. The more effort you put in to your project the more rewards you'll receive.

Many of our students participate in and have other obligations and are still successful in our program.  However, you should keep in mind that adjusting to many new things at a new university can be challenging.  We have no way of determining what an individual student can handle.  

The average student works on a research assignment 8-12 hours per week. Some students may work as few as 6 hours per week, while some work as many as 15 hours per week. This time is in addition to the research seminar which will take place every other week on Tuesday OR Thursday from 4:00 - 5:30 pm.  In addition you will be required to complete research journals, and present your research at our annual spring research symposium.  So it’s possible that a student working 9 hours a week on a research project will actually be devoting about 12 hours a week in total to UROP.

The first question you should ask yourself is "How much time do I want to spend on a research project?"

If your answer is not "not a lot," then the Fall-Winter Programs might not be right for you. All students in our Fall-Winter programs are required to spend an entire year (with a minimum of 6 hours a week) on a research project AND another hour and a half in a biweekly seminar. If you think this might be too much for you, then you may want to consider applying to one of our summer fellowship programs instead. Summer Fellowships last only 10 weeks and are full-time, which means you can't take Spring/Summer courses. That way you can focus only on the research project and not worry about anything else.

Also remember that students who are freshmen and decide not to apply during their freshman year, will still have an opportunity to apply and participate during their sophomore year.

What Reseach Project or Professor will I work with if I am in UROP?

Students do not find research projects until after they are admitted into UROP, the semester starts, and they have meet their UROP Advisors at the September Enrolment Seminar.

UROP students will then be able to apply to projects listed under the discipline they selected in their application. Students are encouraged to look broadly for projects and to keep an open mind when perusing the project listings. Many of the projects can be cross-listed and/or listed under more than one type of discipline. For more information regarding the different research disciplines, please visit our Sample Projects Section of our web site.

"Traditional UROP" may be just what you are looking for!


The "Traditional UROP" is a program designed for undergraduate students seeking their FIRST research experience. Our seminars and workshops are designed to teach students who have never done research how to develop a research question, find and be able to read research and scholarly articles, learn about the various campus resources available to students doing research in different fields, and in for some students how to do basic statistical analysis. Everyone who participates in UROP must attend the seminars, regardless if they are doing it for academic credit or work-study. Students who are already working on a research project and want to go through UROP as a way to get financially compensated, should look at other funding sources rather than UROP and/or consider asking their sponsor directly.

Do you still have questions not answered here?

If you have a question that was not answered here, then you can email us at urop.info@umich.edu or call the office at 734-615-9000