Patricia Gurin

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Nancy Cantor Distinguished Professor Emerita of Psychology and Women's Studies

IGR, 1412 S. University Ave., Floor 2, Suite B, Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2592
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    Patricia Gurin is the Nancy Cantor Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies, the former chair of psychology and a former interim dean of LS&A. She is now the research director of the Program on Intergroup Relations and has been the University's expert witness on the educational value of racial/ethnic diversity in its defense of its admission policies in the two lawsuits that have gone to the Supreme Court.  In addition to her research on the value of diversity, Professor Gurin has been an active participant in diversity programs on the campus.   She served as Acting Director of the newly formed National Center for Institutional Diversity at the University of Michigan and chairs the Provost's Committee on Diverse Democracy. She received the Class of 1923 Award and Amoco Award for Outstanding Teaching, the Distinguished Faculty Award given by the Michigan Association of Governing Boards, and the Arthur F. Thurnau Professorship . She regularly teaches a first-year seminar, Psychology 120, and a course required of all undergraduate rsidence hall staff, Psychology 405.  Recent publications include Defending Diversity, with Aida Hurtao Quien Soy? Quienes Somos?  Chicana/o Identity in a Changing U.S. Society,  Diversity and Higher Education:  Theory and Ipact on Educational Outcomes (Harvard Educational Review), and Benefits of Diversity on Education for Democratic Citizenship (Journal of Social Issues).

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    • Ph.D., University of Michigan