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Paula Curtis

Doctoral Student in History

1029 Tisch Hall, Ann Arbor MI, 48109-1003

  • Fields of Study
    • Pre 16th C Japan
    • artisans, urbanization, power
  • About

    I am currently researching Japan’s artisans during the late medieval era, particularly the late 15th and 16th centuries. I am examining the cultural, political, economic, and technological importance of artisans during this time, with an emphasis on how their relationships with various figures of authority (particularly provincial warlords and courtiers in the capital) influenced political and military affairs.

  • Education
    • BA, Japanese Studies, Gettysburg College, 2008
    • MA, East Asian Studies, premodern Japan concentration, Ohio State University, 2011
  • Grants
    • Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowships, Ohio State University, summer 2008 & 2009-2011
    • University Fellowship, Ohio State University, 2008-2009