Effective Fall 2012


The Biochemistry minor provides a broad and general exposure to biochemistry from a chemical sciences perspective.

Exclusions: The Biochemistry Academic Minor is not open to students concentrating in Biochemistry, Biomolecular Science, Interdisciplinary Chemical Sciences, Chemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biology, General Biology, Neuroscience, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Plant Biology, and Microbiology.

Prerequisite to the  Minor

  • MATH 115 or equivalent
  • PHYSICS 135, 140, or equivalent
  • BIOLOGY 172

Requirements for the Minor: 

At least 18 credits of courses as follows:

  1. Core: CHEM 210/211, CHEM 215, CHEM 260 or CHEM 370, CHEM 351. 
  2. Electives: CHEM 451* and 452, CHEM 241/242 or CHEM 245/246/247, BIOLOGY 305.

*Students who have already taken any of the one-term biochemistry courses [MCDB (BIOLOGY) 310 or BIOLCHEM 415] can not get credit for CHEM 351 (effective Winter 2015, retroactive to Spring 2011). The minor will accept these other one-term courses provided the student takes CHEM 451 or 452 as one of their electives.

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