Tappan Talks


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  • Host Department: History of Art
  • Date: 04/05/2012
  • Time: 4:00PM - 7:00PM

  • Location: UMMA Multipurpose Room, 525 S. State, Ann Arbor

  • Description:

    Bridget Gilman

    "Sunbelt Geographies: Photorealism and the Reshaping of the Postwar American Landscape"

    This paper examines the work of three photorealist painters—Robert Bechtle, Richard McLean, and Ralph Goings—and their relationship to the built environment. Working on the West Coast during a period of immense demographic transformations, these three artists engage a hybrid aesthetic practice, producing new visual understandings of the shifting American landscape.

    Elissa Park

    "Pan Yuliang (1895-1977) and the Female Nude"

    Kristine Ronan

    "'Unerring Rapid Fire': Race, Reproducibility, and Power in a Case Study of Native American Representation"

    This paper closely examines Buffalo Dance (1894), a kinetoscope film developed in Thomas Edison's Black Maria studio and one of the first filmic representations to feature Native Americans.  By placing Buffalo Dance in its historical and critical context, I present an alternative framework to the often assumed infinity and pure mechanics of reproductive media—a framework that in turn opens up the potentially radical possibility of reading Native American representations with an eye toward Native agency.