LSA Honors Grants for Research, Travel, and Special Projects

Requests for Honors Grants for research, travel and special projects for the Spring/Summer 2015 are currently under review. Click on the the "Apply Online" picture to begin the process. By clicking on the FAQ, you will hyperlink to answers. If you have additional questions, especially regarding the application of your research or study experience to your thesis, please email or make an appointment (from the Honors main page) to speak with an advisor. The Honors Program and its students are very appreciative of the donors who make these grants possible.  

FAQ Regarding Honors Grants

What constitutes an Honors Grant?
What kinds of expenses are eligible or inelible?
What is the Application Deadline?
Information regarding Faculty Endorsements
Link for Faculty Endorsements

What constitutes an Honors Grant?

Supplementary funding for Honors students’ activities is made possible by generous donations from our alumni and supporters (see below).  Priority will be given to research related to Honors theses, presentations at professional conferences, and international travel.  However, all students are welcome to apply.  If you have questions regarding eligibility, please direct them to  

What kinds of expenses are eligible or ineligible?

Our top priorities are to support thesis-related research, research-related travel (including conference presentations), and international travel.  Additional proposals will be considered pending available funding.  Typical expenses include airfare, lodging, per diem, conference registration fees, and research materials not provided by your lab or research sponsor.  Honors grant funding cannot be used to pay U-M tuition including CGIS program fees, although travel funding in support of CGIS trips is eligible.  We also do not provide money for living expenses in Ann Arbor in support of summer research. (Eligible students should apply to the Honors Summer Fellows program.)  We do not typically provide money to purchase personal property or equipment that will outlast the research project (e.g. cameras, recording devices, or computers), inducements for research subjects, or standard lab materials/expenses.  Questions about eligible expenses can be sent to

Ineligible expenses may not be included in your amount requested from Honors, but may be included in the itemized budget on the application to give the committee an idea of your overall expenses.

What is the Application Deadline?

The early submission deadline for Winter 2015 is Monday, March 2, by noon.  It is best to submit requests before the early deadline; this gives students the best opportunity to receive funding.  All applications completed (with faculty endorsements, if necessary) by March 2nd will be reviewed in a group and awards made in early March.  

Information Regarding Faculty Endorsements

Research and travel grant applications for more than $250 require endorsement by a faculty member familiar with the project (e.g. thesis advisor or research sponsor). The two exceptions to this requirement are: (a) CGIS or other study abroad programs or (b) summer internships. These proposals do not require faculty endorsement.

You will need to provide your faculty sponsor access to this page, so that s/he may use the faculty link below. This form includes questions on the feasibility of the project, appropriateness of the requested budget, and other sources of funding.  Please discuss these issues with your faculty sponsor prior to submitting your grant application to ensure a speedy response.  Faculty endorsements must be received for your application to be considered complete and proceed to the review stage. If you have questions regarding faculty endorsement, please direct them to  

Link for Faculty Endorsements