Lineages of the Literary Left: A Symposium in Honor of Alan M. Wald


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  • Host Department: American Culture
  • Date: 03/21/2013 - 03/22/2013
  • Time: 1:00PM

  • Location: UM Campus (see schedule);

  • Description:

    Thursday, March 21
    1:00 pm:  Founders Room, Alumni Center
    Welcome to conference:
    Prof. Terrence McDonald, Dean, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
    Prof. Paula Rabinowitz, University of Minnesota

    1:15-3:15 (Panel  A)
    Reading the Old Left Now

    Chair:  Robbie Lieberman, SIU-Carbondale
    Julia Mickenberg, University of Texas, "U.S. Women, the Pilgrimage to Russia, and the Question of Stalinism"
    Sarah Ehlers, University of South Dakota, “Left of Lyric: Depression-era Poetry and Collective Life”
    Keith Gilyard, Pennsylvania State University, “John Henry in the Work of John Oliver Killens”
    Heather Bowen-Struyk
    , University of Michigan, “The Resurgence of Proletarian Literature in Japan in 2008”

    4:00 (Keynote address)
    Introduction of Michael Löwy:  Howard Brick, University of Michigan
    Michael Löwy, Research Director emeritus, CNRS, Paris:“Jewish Radicals in Central Europe and the US: A Comparative Approach”

    5:30-6:30:  (Reception) Alumni Center Lobby
    Friday, March 22
    Forum Auditorium, Palmer Commons
    9:00-11:30 (Panel B)
    New Visions of Literary Biography

    Chair:  Rachel Peterson, Grand Valley State University
    Lawrence Jackson, Emory University,  "Chester Himes, Fannie Cook and Bucklin Moon: American Novelists and the Edge of the Racial Frontier during World War II"
    Dayo F. Gore, University of California-San Diego, “ ‘A Black Woman Speaks…’: Beulah Richardson’s Life of Protest and Poetry"
    Rachel Rubin, U-Mass Boston, "The Darker Brother and the Cracker Boy: Langston Hughes, Don West, and Poetry as Social Conversation"
    Bill Mullen
    , Purdue University, "W.E.B. Du Bois and Socialism: A Call for Reassessment"
    Marcial Gonzalez, UC-Berkeley, “Communism of the Will: Narrative Disclosures of a Mexican American Farm Worker”

    12:30-2:45 (Panel C)
    Toward an Activist, Internationalist American Studies

    Chair:  Nathaniel Mills, California State University-Northridge
    Eleni Varikas, Professor Emerita, CNRS, Paris, “Travelling Theories and Practices of Resistance within a Neo-Colonial Europe:  For a Feminism in the Plural”
    Cary Nelson, University of Illinois, “Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture 25 Years Later: Stalinism and the Left”
    Sarah Wald, Drew University, "Ecocritical Perspectives on the Mid-20th Century US Left."
    Cheryl Higashida, University of Colorado, "Black Belt Queer Feminism: African American Women Writers on the Left in the Era of Decolonization"

    3:00-4:30 (Keynote address)
    Introduction of Tariq Ali:  Michael Löwy
    Tariq Ali
    , “The Mirror of the World:  Poetry and Resistance”

    4:30-4:45 (Conclusion)

    Introduction of Alan Wald:  Konstantina M. Karageorgos, University of Michigan
    Alan Wald, The Present of Future Things

    For further information, contact Howard Brick (

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