Christmas Eve Launch of the Cosmic Ray Electron Synchrotron Telescope (CREST)

Jan 12, 2012 Bookmark and Share


On Christmas Eve 2011, the balloon-borne CREST instrument was successfully launched from McMurdo Station, Antarctica. It is now safely on the ground after completing a 10-day orbit of Antarctica at altitudes between 110,000-120,000 feet. Recovery operations are still in progress. CREST is designed to observe ultra-high energy (multi-TeV) electrons in the cosmic radiation to discover how they are accelerated. CREST is a Collaboration between The University of Michigan, Indiana University, Pennsylvania State University, the University of Chicago and Northern Kentucky University. The Michigan group, led by Professor Gregory TarlĂ© and consisting of Associate Research Scientist Michael Schubnell, Graduate Student Joseph Gennaro and Electronics Engineer Jon Ameel, was responsible for the flight computer and electronics.