Kathleen Ludewig Omollo

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Project Manager, Medical School Office of Enabling Technologies
African Health OER- Enabling Technologies

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Contact Information:
Major Projects:
  • With 2009-2011 grants from the Hewlett Foundation, Mrs. Omollo engaged with health science institutions in Ghana and South Africa to develop a global Health OER initiative. In 2009, each institution participated in OER advocacy and production workshops, developed and deployed OER, and established their own institutional OER programs. In 2010-2011, the partners launched an African Health OER Network which fosters co-creation of resources, enabling institutions to share knowledge, address curriculum gaps, and use OER for improving the delivery of health education in Africa. The Network is building the socio-technical infrastructure to draw in more African and, eventually, global participants, while also developing models of collaboration and sustainability that can be replicated in other regions of the world.
  • Open Michigan Initiative (https://open.umich.edu/)
  • African Health OER Network (http://www.oerafrica.org/healthoer, https://open.umich.edu/wiki/Health_OER_Collaborations)
  • South Africa
  • Ghana