Honors Scholarships, Awards, and Grants

The LSA Honors Program also awards several scholarships, prizes and research grants. Honors encourages students to pursue other scholarship and fellowship opportunities and will be happy to offer advice and feedback about the application materials. Come in and talk to an advisor about Honors and national scholarship opportunities.

Honors Grants for Research, Travel, and Special Projects

Honors Summer Fellows Program

Morris and Lola Wasserstein Awards
For Honors students who write or edit for the Michigan Daily.

Otto Graf Scholarship & Jack Meiland Scholarship 
For outstanding Honors juniors.

Virginia L. Voss Memorial Award
For excellence in writing by Senior Honors women.

Kennedy Memorial Awards
Supports excellence in writing and scholarship for outstanding students in the junior or senior class.

Goldstein Prizes for Honors Seniors
Recognizes outstanding students who are graduating with Honors.

Terrence J. McDonald Prize for Archival Research 
For the "finest thesis making substantial use of archives or museums."