Mansoor Moaddel

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Visiting Research Professor, Population Studies Center
Professor og Sociology, Eastern Michigan University

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Major Projects:
  • His work currently focuses on the causes and consequences of values and attitudes of the Middle Eastern and Islamic publics. He has carried out values surveys in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia. He has also carried out youth surveys in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
  • His previous research project analyzed the determinants of ideological production in the Islamic world. In this project, he has studied the rise of Islamic modernism in India, Egypt, and Iran between the second half of the nineteenth century and early twentieth
  • the rise of liberal nationalism in Egypt and Iran, and Arabism and Arab nationalism in Syria in the first half of the twentieth century
  • and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, and Syria in the second half of the twentieth century.
  • A Post-Crisis Analysis of the Attitudes and Value Orientations of the Islamic Publics in Egypt, Iran, and Morocco (NSF).
  • In Search of a Sociopolitical Community: The Cases of Egypt, Iran, and Jordan (NSF, Ford).
  • Youth, Emotional Energy, and Political Violence: The Cases of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates (2003-2005, US Institute of Peace, Mellon Foundation, EMU).
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  • Egypt
  • Population Studies Center