Astronomy and Astrophysics Major (Fall 2014-Summer 2016)

 Effective Fall 2014-Summer 2016

May be elected as a departmental major; not open to those with a major in Interdisciplinary Astronomy

Prerequisites to the Major. 

  1. Mathematics through MATH 216
  2. PHYSICS160/161 [or PHYSICS 140/141 and one of EECS 183, ENGR 101, or an equivalent computing course approved by the Astronomy department advisor]
  3. PHYSICS 240/241 or 260/261
  4. PHYSICS 340/341 or 360/341

Requirements for the Major

A minimum of 36 credits, distributed as follows:

  1. Astronomy Core:
    ASTRO 201, 361, 399, 402, 404, and 429
  2. Physics Core:
    PHYSICS 390, 401, 405, 453
  3. Quantitative Techniques:
    One of: PHYSICS 351 or 411
  4. Astronomy Electives:
    One of: ASTRO 403, 405, 406, 461, or by permission of instructor, a 500-level ASTRO course.

Students are urged to complete the requirements in physics and mathematics as soon as possible. Students planning graduate work might benefit from knowledge of Spanish, but this is not essential.

Honors Plan

Students who are interested in scholarly research in astronomy and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 are encouraged to consider the Honors plan. Students with a lower GPA may be admitted to the program at the discretion of the department advisor. The program requires writing a senior Honors thesis based on research done in collaboration with a faculty member. Interested students should consult with the department advisor by the beginning of their junior year.

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