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Jonathan McLaughlin

Postdoctoral Fellow, Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies
Lecturing in History

Office Location(s): 2631 Haven Hall
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  • Affiliation(s)
    • Interdepartmental Program in Greek & Roman History
  • Fields of Study
    • Roman Empire, comparative empires, institutions and identity, Literary and Documentary Letters
  • About

    While at Michigan, Jonathan has worked as a staff member for the UM Gabii Project (2010), toured the Bay of Naples with the Vergilian Society (2010), served on the GEO contract bargaining team (2010-11), and taught courses in Greek and Roman history, Great Books, and Latin. His research interests focus on the Roman Empire, particularly the economic, social, and cultural changes brought about by non-citizens serving in the Roman army. More broadly, Jonathan is interested in the role of institutions in shaping and maintaining collective and individual identities, and how people negotiated these identities in language, literature (especially letters), and material culture.

    Dissertation Title: “The Transformation of the Roman Auxiliary Soldier in Thought and Practice, 1st c. CE to 4th c. CE”

  • Education
    • A.B., Classics (Latin), Georgetown University, 2007
    • M.St. Late Antique & Byzantine Studies, University of Oxford, 2008
    • M.A. in Classical Studies (Latin), University of Michigan, 2011
    • PhD University of Michigan, 2015