Italian Silent Cinema: A Reader

Author(s): Giorgio Bertellini

Editor(s): Bertellini, Giorgio

SAC Bertellini Italian Silent Cinema


Italian Silent Cinema: A Reader explores the largely forgotten world of Italian silent cinema, including its historical epics, comedies, serials, and romance melodramas. Thirty essays by leading scholars examine topics such as pre-cinema, international distribution, stardom, acting styles, literary adaptation, futurism, nonfiction filmmaking, and local exhibition. This groundbreaking and richly illustrated volume introduces scholars and students alike to a wealth of films, archival documents, and critical research.

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Month of Publication: September

Year of Publication: 2013

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"Giorgio Bertellini’s book is a gift to the silent film novice (who may not fully grasp this editor’s largesse) and a trustworthy vademecum for the advanced scholar who will be aware of how much has been previously overlooked and which now awaits closer study." 
—David Mayer, Emeritus Professor, University of Manchester