ENHANCEMENT: New Social Media Content Type Released

Mar 28, 2013 Bookmark and Share

The CMS team is happy to announce a new social media content type that simplifies the process of adding social media icons to your website. It also provides a consistent look and feel of the additions on all CMS sites.

Our review of CMS sites indicated that the greatest use of social media icons is on department home pages so we designed the content type for use in the right or left columns of a departmental site. Based upon the width of that column, a single social media content type will hold up to 6 icons. If a department wants or needs additional icons, they can be added into a second content type that will appear directly below the first content type.

The new social media content type has 17 icons predesigned and preloaded for you to choose from. Simply select the social media site you want to link to your website (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Mblog,etc), add the appropriate URL for the social media site, and approve and publish the content item.

A video tutorial is available in the Knowlegebase of the CMS Site.