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Robert Wilke

Database analyst

Phone: 734.763.3139

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    Database Analyst: Systems Support: Support users of the following systems: Management reporting System, including KPI (especially Student-related data); Academic Reporting Toolkit; LSA Commitments System; LSA Grad System (Grad Admissions); LSA Undergrad Recruiting System; Faculty Applicant System; RC, OIP and UROP departmental systems;Minors for non-LSA students. Support includes troubleshooting, handling enhancements request, granting access, training and retrieving data. Data retrieval/reporting: Assist with retrieving data from UM Central databases, especially with regard to Admissions,Student and Curriculum/course data. New Systems Development: Develop web-based database systems for the College.  Participate as needed in MAIS subgroups.  Consult with eGIF project.

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