Political Disaffection in Cuba's Revolution and Exodus

Author(s): Silvia Pedraza

Political Disaffection in Cuba book cover


Description from Publisher:

In this book, Silvia Pedraza links Cuba's revolution and its mass exodus not only as cause and consequence but also as profoundly social and human processes that were not only political and economic but also cognitive and emotive. But, ironically for a community that defined itself as being in exile, virtually no studies of its political attitudes exist, and certainly none that encompass the changing political attitudes over 47 years of the exodus. The book uses participant observation and in-depth interviews to gain insight into the political disaffection of Cuban refugees.

Publication Information:

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Month of Publication: September

Year of Publication: 2007

Location: New York, NY

# of Pages: 382

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ISBN: 9780521687294