ENHANCEMENT: Updates to Event Content Items Underway

By Matthew J. Adams
Jul 10, 2012 Bookmark and Share

The LSA Web Services team is pleased to announce that because the major task of migrating sites from the previous version of the CMS is complete (hooray!), we are beginning work on the known issues and enhancement requests regarding the event content type.

In the next few weeks, you will begin to see changes on the event portions of your sites. Soon, you’ll be able to:

  1. Include VCM hyperlinks in your event with the Ephox toolbar inside the Further Information field.
  2. Click fewer times with Further Details Tab integrated into the Key Information.
  3. Link to speaker profiles in a NEW Speaker field.
  4. Show off the event poster or conference materials by linking to static files in a NEW related Document field.
  5. Review an improved events best practices in the CMS Knowledgebase.

Your site visitors will

  1. Search extensively with increased relationship between related departments and units (ex. Mod Greek events displaying on Classics events search).
  2. Search easily with
    • new default parameters so users don’t have to add a date range for each search.
    • a search Reset button to simplify multiple searches.
    • more intuitive week and month filters.
  3. Remember to come to your events because they can add single events or a complete series of events to their personal calendars.

We realize that promoting events is critical to demonstrating the premium offerings of your units and departments, and future development of the way users interact with Event promotions on your site may include:

    • integration with Building Search to provide a better level of directions and mapping
    • promotion to the University Record and main University events site
    • increased social media tie-ins
    • category or tag-based filtering
    • internal planning and scheduling information
    • higher exposure for co-sponsoring departments or events

If you have an interest in being a part of a focus group centered around events, please contact Matthew Adams.